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Wants List!

So you must have checked my sales... Well here's my wants!

If you have one that is stained/loved/etc, I will still get it but I will pay less for it!


Chikorita Pokedoll 2006 (MWT)
Chikorita Pokedoll 2010 (MWT)
10th Anniversary Chikorita Pokedoll (MWT) Obtained MW (detached) tag one!
Chikorita Pokedoll (Don't mind condition) Obtained one!
10th Anniversary Chikorita Pokedoll (Don't mind condition) Look 2 lines above!
Chikorita Throw Pokeball (Must have plush, preferred without Pokeball, Plush must be mint!)
1:1 Chikorita Plush (Don't mind condition) Obtained one!
Chikorita PlushPlush (Don't mind condition except for eyes which should be good+ condition) GRAIL!
Chikorita Bouncy Ball
Bayleef Chou Get
Chikorita Mystery Dungeon House with Chikorita figure (Mint!)
Chikorita Friends Plush (Buds must be great condition) Obtained one!
Chikorita Laying Beanie (Don't mind condition)
Posable Bayleef (Eyes must be great condition but the plush can be any condition) Won one in an auction!
Chikorita Pokemon Time Plush (Don't mind condition) GRAIL!
Anything Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium not in my collection!


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